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The fastest, easiest way to repair and restore audio.

Rescue your audio from the cutting room floor! With remedies for noise, clipping, hum, buzz, crackles, and more, RX 3 is the most robust and best-sounding audio repair toolkit on the market. Used everywhere from Hollywood post production studios to leading sound editing facilities, iZotope RX™ 3 transforms troubled recordings into professional-grade material.

RX 3 Advanced extends the standard version of RX 3 with new, specialized features designed for audio professionals in post production, music production, and mastering. Remove unwanted reverb, sculpt and define dialogue in real time, and much more.

Perfectly suited for audio engineering and recording, post production, archiving, broadcasting, forensics and more, RX 3 delivers cutting-edge tools for treating previously unusable audio. With an intuitive spectral editor and 10+ intelligent modules, RX 3 enables you to fix troubled audio with unprecedented power and precision.

An All-In-One Solution

RX 3 includes everything you need to repair both common and uncommon audio problems, while RX 3 Advanced adds specialized features for audio professionals.

  • ADV Remove or reduce reverb from vocals, instruments, and more using the revolutionary Dereverbmodule.
  • ADV Clean up dialogue on the fly with the Dialogue Denoiser—the new audio standard for real-time dialogue treatment.
  • ADV Monitor your audio and loudness compliance using Insight™, iZotope’s comprehensive metering suite, in your DAW or NLE. A $499 value!
  • Turn flawed audio into pristine, usable material using Denoise, Declip, Declick & Decrackle, Spectral Repair and more.
  • Pinpoint problems faster than ever with the Spectrogram and Spectrum Analyzer.
  • Easily finesse your sound with dedicated audio enhancement modules like EQ, Gain, Channel Operations,and RX 3 Advanced’s Time & Pitch.

Visualize Your Audio Like Never Before

With RX 3’s groundbreaking spectral editing paradigm, you can use your eyes and ears to identify and fix troublesome audio.

  • Visualize audio with the intuitive spectrogram display and discover what your waveform won’t show you.
    See a spectrogram in action
  • Select and remove problematic frequencies with precision using drawing tools like Lasso, Brush, Magic Wand, Invert Selection, Invert Selection Frequencies and Select Harmonics.
  • Replace unwanted sounds and fill gaps in recordings with Spectral Repair, which intelligently resynthesizes audio to restore a seamless listening experience.
  • Work more intuitively than ever thanks to a completely redesigned interface—clean and approachable for both first-time and previous RX users.

Optimized for Efficiency

RX was redesigned from the ground up to make audio repair fast and easy.

  • Repair audio with a workflow that suits you, using RX 3 as a standalone application or as plug-ins within your favorite DAW or NLE.
  • Work up to six times faster than before with new, intelligent DSP and multicore processing in the RX standalone application.
  • Sleep well knowing you’ll never lose an edit again, thanks to the new RX Document format.
  • Get through projects faster than ever by processing and editing multiple files at once.

RX 3  $249 USD through September 27 (buy it from pluginboutique.com and support this site).

RX Advanced $749 USD through September 27

RX and RX 3 Advanced both feature a robust suite of intelligent audio repair tools. Check out the product comparison below to see how both versions match up.

Comparison of RX 3 and RX 3 Advanced

Repair Features

Dereverb module and plug-in
Dialogue Denoiser module and plug-in
Deconstruct module
Denoise module and plug-in
Adaptive Denoise mode
Advanced Denoise options for precise control
Spectral Repair module and plug-in
Multi-resolution Spectral Repair modes
Declip module & plug-in
Asymmetric Declip feature
Declick & Decrackle module & plug-ins
Advanced Declick options for precise control
Remove Hum module and plug-in

Audio Utility Features

iZotope Insight® metering suite, bundled as an additional plug-in
Time & Pitch module, featuring Radius® and Pitch Contour
6-band Parametric EQ module
Channel & Phase Operations module
Center Channel Extraction feature
Azimuth Alignment feature for tape restoration
Spectrum Analyzer module
iZotope 64-bit SRC™ sample rate conversion module
iZotope MBIT+™ dither module
3rd-Party Plug-in Hosting support
Audio Recording and Monitoring support

Workflow Features

Standalone application and suite of plug-ins
Spectrogram display
Lasso, Brush, Magic Wand, and other visual selection tools
RX Document format
Unlimited Undo History
Batch Processor
Compare Settings
Export History as XML

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