Neo DynaMaster

Neo DynaMaster


Neo DynaMaster

is a full-featured, multi-purpose stereo dual dynamics processor utilising a unique custom designed metering system and modelling engine, providing emulations of many vintage units, e.g. SSL, Tube-Tech and so on.

Neo DynaMaster performs simultaneous compression and expansion allowing more complex dynamics response curves than common compressors and provides huge scope to engineer your final sound. Neo DynaMaster’s intuitive GUI allows you to precisely edit view the dynamics response curve which is essential if you want to take full control of your dynamic range.

The comprehensive metering section comprising Peak and RMS bar meters, multi-channel scope, and Input/Output volt meters continuously provides all the information you need to better control your dynamics and levels.

Neo DynaMaster features a transparent, natural sound. In order to achieve this, Neo DynaMaster utilises a new, custom designed Peak Metering system to provide an unrivalled stable metering signal which eliminates audible level modulation artefacts while still retaining sample accurate transient detection resulting in -122dB THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise);far below the human audible range.

Intuitive, full featured GUI

Innovative compression and expansion dual process design enables the shaping of more complex dynamics response curves e.g. apply compression, makeup gain and noise floor reduction simultaneously.

In-Built 3 band parametric EQ to adapt the compressor’s frequency response.
Supports Stereo, M/S (Mono/Side) and external SideChain processing.
Innovative Peak Metering system eliminates modulation distortion while retaining sample

accurate transient detection. (THD+N -122dB)
Can be configured as a Compressor/Expander, Limiter or Maximizer.

Comprehensive knee design allows blending between hard knee, soft knee and optical responses, all from one control.

Supports programmable Auto Release function and Parallel Compression.

Comprehensive metering system provides multi-scope, Volt meters and Peak/RMS meters.ThePeak/RMS meters support 4 industry standards; Standard (0dBFS), K-12, K-14 and K-20.

Internal Modelling Engine provides accurate modelling of many Vintage units.

Price: €99. Available for Windows and Mac OS X in VST and AU plug-in formats.


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